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Health Guard Family Floater
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Health Guard Policy is the perfect Health protection for you and your family. It takes care of the expensive medical treatment incurred during hospitalization resulting from serious accident or illness.


  • All Day Care Procedures are covered.
  • No Medical tests up to 45 years.
  • Medical Expenses for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment covered up to Rs. 20000/- per policy year.
  • No Sub-limits on hospitalization expenses and room rent.
  • Bariatric Surgery Cover up to Rs. 5 lacs after a waiting period of 36 months..
  • Life long policy renewal is available.
  • Tax rebate available as per provision of Income Tax Rules under section 80-D.
  • Convalescence Benefit for 10 days hospitalisation, up to Rs. 7500 per policy year.
  • Daily cash benefit of Rs. 500/- will be payable for Accompanying an Insured Child.
  • Capping for Cataract 20% of sum insured, max up to 1lac.
Title Description
Room Rent Limit Silver Plan:Up to 1% of Sum Insured |Gold Plan and Platinum Plan:Sum Insured 3 lacs to 7.5 lacs- maximum eligible room is Single private Air Conditioned room,Sum Insured 10 Lacs and above - eligible for any room category
ICU Daily Rent Limit Silver Plan:Up to 1% of Sum Insured per day (Excluding Cumulative Bonus)|Gold Plan and Platinum Plan:If admitted in ICU, the Company will pay up to actual ICU expenses provided by Hospital
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 60 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses 90 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 Hrs
Day Care Procedure Coverage All procedures covered
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured Recharge Benefit:- In event of claim amount exceeding the limit of indemnity, Sum Insured would be increased by 20% maximum up to 5 Lacs.
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage After 36 months.
Waiting Period for New Policy 30 days
Co-Payment Voluntary co-Pay is available
Medical Screening Age 46 and Above
Free Health Checkup Silver Plan:-1% of SI up to Rs.2000 during the block of 3 years |Gold Plan:-1% of SI up to Rs.5000 during the block of 3 years|Platinum Plan:-1% of SI up to Rs.5000 during the block of 2 years
Ambulance Expenses Up to INR 20,000/- per policy year
Non-Allopathic Treatments Silver:-Not Covered |Gold And Platinum:-Up to INR 20,000/- per policy year
Daily Hospitalization Allowance Daily Cash Benefit of Rs. 500 per day maximum up to 10 days, in respect of one parent/legal guardian, to stay with any minor Insured (under the Age of 12)
Donor Expenses Covered
No Claim Bonus Up to 10 % of sum insured, Max 100 %, Super Cumulative Bonus 50% of base Sum Insured per annum for first 2 years and later 10% of base Sum Insured per annum for next 5 years max