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Criti Shield Individual
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Comprehensively designed product which helps you in meeting your obligations at the time of major exigencies of life such as any major minor illnesses or in case you undergo any of the major surgeries covered under the Policy or meet with an accident


  • Covers 92 major & Minor critical illnesses
  • Enhanced coverage with multi claim option.
  • Allows one claim from Major and minor bucket from each of the 5 Critical Illness buckets
  • Optional coverage for 106 surgical procedures.
  • Optional coverage for personal accident.
  • Optional coverage for cancer restore
  • No survival period and 90 days waiting period
  • Minimum policy tenure is 1 year, up to a maximum of 3 years.
  • The minimum age of proposer into the Policy is 18 years, Min. Entry Age for Insured: 3 months and Maximum Entry age for Insured: 65 years
Title Description
Waiting Period for New Policy 90 days waiting period