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Active Secure- Cancer Secure
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Active Secure - Cancer Secure is a smart health insurance plan specifically designed to provide financial protection against cancer.


  • Payouts according to different stages of cancer : 50% of the Sum insured for major and 100% of SI for major, 150% of SI for advanced stage of cancer.
  • Additional payout of 100% if you are diagnosed with major/advanced stage cancer discount claiming the 50% payout for early stage cancer thereby making it a total payout of 150% of SI.
  • Short survival period of 7 days following the date of diagnosis.
  • Option to choose a wellness coach an recover faster with personalised health advice.
  • Premium paid, is eligible for tax deduction.
Title Description
Waiting Period for New Policy 90 days (180 days for early stage)
No Claim Bonus 10% per claim - free year, maximum: 100% of sum insured